Wouter Verhoeye

Wouter is a Tax Partner at Argo.

Wouter has more than 10 years of experience in assisting clients in various industries with a wide range of corporate and international tax matters. He specialises in providing strategic tax advice on a range of topics, including M&A, private equity, capital markets, finance deals and R&D and environmental friendly tax incentives. Additionally, Wouter has extensive experience in handling tax audits and strategic tax litigations, including Constitutional Court proceedings.

Wouter’s ability to understand and navigate complex tax legislation, combined with his industry-specific knowledge, allows him to provide valuable insights and guidance to clients, helping them to achieve their business goals while minimizing tax risks.

Wouter has law degrees from both the University of Ghent (Law degree, 2011) and the Université Libre de Bruxelles (LL.M., 2012). He is an accomplished author and speaks regularly in seminars where he shares his knowledge and insights with other professionals in the field.

Wouter services clients in English, Dutch and French.