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at Argo

So… you want to work at Argo? 

If you’re looking for a career where passion, knowledge and expertise take center stage, then you’re at the right place. 

With our 10 years of know-how, we can proudly say that we built our own legal powerhouse. And with our unapologetically confident team, we tackle the toughest cases, handle the most high profile deals and even have fun doing so. 

You are the brilliant legal mastermind, we have exciting positions lined up. 

Who can resist that pitch, right? 

Why you should take the leap

Show-stopping cases

No boring, yawn-inducing projects, but a wild roller coaster ride through our legal universe. From IPO’s to high profile arbitration cases, we’ve seen it all. We see every legal puzzle as an opportunity to learn and grow as a team.

Love for the team

Anyone can say they are committed to their people, but not many can show it. We at Argo put our money where our mouth is. Whether you’re a party animal, a social butterfly or a gym rat: we’ve got you covered.

  • Monthly afterwork parties
  • Yearly associates weekend and international trip
  • Many sport initiatives such as ski trips, running events and fitness subscriptions

Our team is a harmonious blend of dedicated experts and ambitious young potentials who can’t wait to welcome another member (preferably you).

Sparkling Antwerp

You can take that sparkling literally. Because the city of diamonds is where you can find us. What better place than Antwerp to start building your career?

You obviously don’t have to be from ‘t stad to make us love you,
but you do need to drink a bolleke with us once in a while.

Flexibility first

At Argo we don’t like keeping our employees caged like birds. We’d rather give them the opportunity to set their own boundaries.

This not only reflects in our flexible day planning, casual dresscode and work-from-home opportunities; but also in your modus operandi and work routine.

Same team, same clients 24/7? Yawn. That’s not how we roll. Work with a wide variety of clients, partners and colleagues every single day.

Top-tier salary

We know you’ve worked for your degrees, and you’ve worked hard.
At Argo, you will be rewarded accordingly.

Personal development

Our commitment to your personal growth is like no other. We’ve got your back with a perfect blend of legal and soft skill training. No need to worry about being stuck at your desk: you’re out there in the real world, right alongside your resilient team.

We’re not just an average law firm.

And you’re not just an average applicant.

Whether you want to apply for a summer internship or want to kickstart your career as a junior associate, you’re welcome at Argo.

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