Debt finance

We cover the entire scope of banking and finance work: leveraged and project finance, general corporate and asset-backed finance operations, you name it.

We advise both lenders and financial institutions, as well as sponsors and borrowers. The team has a particular expertise in the specific requirements for acquisition finance in a private equity context.

(Retail) Banking and finance

We advise on general retail banking matters, commercial and consumer lending, and payment and investments products. We also take care of the related financial regulatory issues (MiFID, PRIIPS, etc).

And we have a knack for work on leasing and asset backed finance techniques, specifically in the automotive sector.

Distressed finance, restructurings and insolvency

We advise on solvent and insolvent debt restructurings, with a strong track record in distressed finance work.  Our litigation work predominantly covers insolvency and reorganizational operations.